Here comes the instructions for the striped pointed cap with earflaps..

“It’ll be twins, girl and boy.” – And so it was clear that something typically “girl” and “boy” must arise in color. I think it looks really sweet when twins do the same things, but in different colors. Small pointed caps always look great on babies and newborns and the earflaps keep the tiny ears warm and warm! So the decision was quickly made: “Ran to the pointed cap with earflaps!”

When it comes to wool, I prefer to choose something very soft in a project for newborn babies, something that does not itch on my head or neck after a while. Most of all I like Merino or pure wool from Drops. Especially with new wool but you should, in my opinion, watch out, because there are some that really scratch extremely and which do not. The name of the wool I use for this project is Karisma and they are available in many great colors.

You can find the link for the text tutorial below my material list.

Video Tutorial

Material Recommendation

Prym Stickschere Storch 9 cm vergoldet, Stahl, Gold
Prym Stickschere Storch 9 cm vergoldet, Stahl, Gold
Vergoldete Storchenschere für anspruchsvolle Handarbeiten; Feine Spitze und sorgfältiger Klingenschliff
12,90 EUR 10,60 EUR


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