Pacifier chain

The classic gift for birth, I think, is the pacifier chain. If it is self-made, so much better! The pacifier chain is very variable. All you need is a few accessories, such as a butterfly , a bow or a heart and then it’s almost done.

Material Recommendation

Video Tutorial

Text Pattern

What do we need?

Wool of choice and matching crochet hook
Wool needle
Tape measure
CamSnaps incl. buttons

Instructions – Chain

First loop, ca. 65 chains (with crochet hook 3.5mm) or apply as many chain stitches until the chain has a length of about 30cm

1: Double crochet into the 3rd chain stitch from the needle, double crochet to the end of the chain

Pull out the thread and tighten it.

Thread the pacifier chain clip and sew it with an envelope of the chain.

Kam snaps

Make an envelope in the front part of the chain so that the total length of the chain (without clip) is a maximum of 22cm. Mark the location and secure the 1st part of the Kam snaps system. Attach the 2nd part to the front edge.


Sew two identical accessories in any number with the chain.


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