There it is: The tutorial for the striped overall!

After so long time it was time to make a huge project once again. A project, which isn’t finished after some hours, but after days or weeks. Two overall for two new babies in the family – twins, boy and girl.

Die video tutorial is structured into six parts, because for one video it was too long. You can take every part for it’s own and struggle through it. You don’t have to do stripes, you can also only use one color. So, lets take the needle and start your new project!


Video Instruction

Part 1 – Upper part

Part 2 – Torso


Part 3 – Legs


Part 4 – Arms


Part 5 – Sewing

Part 6 – Neck and button planks

Text Instruction

Take your needle and go on! The original tutorial is written on the site of Garnstudio. My tutorial is a little bit changed.

Material recommendation

Prym Stickschere Storch 9 cm vergoldet, Stahl, Gold
Prym Stickschere Storch 9 cm vergoldet, Stahl, Gold
Vergoldete Storchenschere für anspruchsvolle Handarbeiten; Feine Spitze und sorgfältiger Klingenschliff
12,90 EUR 10,60 EUR

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