Crochet headband and neckwarmer

This headband and the associated neckwarmer have been created before felt eternity. As a kid, I never wanted to wear hats, but rather earmuffs and headbands. With this in mind, I crocheted straight for my daughter. When I was done and showed her the headband, she waved off directly and told me that she does not wear it.

So this, I think, really great headband and the neckwarmer, only disappears in my collection of finished crochet things that are not worn. I knew, at some point the day will come when she will take this headband with enthusiasm…

… and he came!


Text instructions

The text instructions for the great collar scarf and of course for the headband can be found on the side of Garnstudio. You can also find the link for the wool there. Personally, I find the wool very scratchy and have the fear that the things therefore probably sooner or later land back in the closet. But that’s just my opinion. I wish you a lot of fun when copying! Pictures are, as always, are very like to see on my Facebook page!


Prym 195178 Woll-Häkelnadel Soft-Griff, Aluminium, 14 cm, 5,00 mm, silberfarbig, 5 mm
Wollhäkelnadel mit Softgriff; Angenehm in der Handhabung; Fadenrinne für eine gleichmäßige Fadenführung
4,68 EUR
Prym Stickschere Storch 9 cm vergoldet, Stahl, Gold
Vergoldete Storchenschere für anspruchsvolle Handarbeiten; Feine Spitze und sorgfältiger Klingenschliff
9,80 EUR
Prym 124119 Woll-und Smyrna-Nadeln ohne Spitze, ST 1+3 silber, 1 Stück
Wollnadeln mit abgerundeter Spitze zum Sticken; Näharbeiten im Strickbereich; Größen: 70 x 2, 4 mm, 60 x 1, 9 mm und 50 x 1, 2 mm
3,76 EUR

Video tutorial

Tutorial for the headband

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