Spring is coming, Easter is coming, too, what should not be missed of course? Exactly: Easter eggs.

A while ago I saw a huge tree full of crocheted easter eggs in a front yard. Unfortunately I did not have a phone or my camera with me at the time to capture this on a picture, but the “picture” fascinated me so much that it stayed in my head for days afterwards. So, I thought, that must be the next guide. Unfortunately, I do not have a large front yard or tree to hang the eggs on, but I think a few smaller ones will last for the Easter shrub in the living room as well, and otherwise you can spread the eggs everywhere for decoration. What do you all mean? Of course I did not get around the wonderful pastel shades this time either. They really did it to me and it always look very comfortable.

Small tip on the edge

Before you start crocheting, I would like to recommend one thing to you. I had tried it only with cotton wool, but the eggs somehow always looked crooked, which annoyed me very much. But actually it was also clear, the filling cotton keeps the shape only conditionally and as soon as one has pressed on one side, it did not look like a classic egg. In a craft store around the corner I bought eggs from Styrofoam and tried the instructions. I am totally satisfied with the result and therefore I would recommend this variant to you! Now have fun imitating the Easter eggs and as always, I’m pleased about your results! In this sense … a magical spring start all of you!

mMterial recommendation

Prym Häkelnadeln Soft-Griff ALU 14 cm 3,00 mm silberfarbig Woll-Häkelnadel, Aluminium, 3 mm
Wollhäkelnadel mit Softgriff; Angenehm in der Handhabung; Fadenrinne für eine gleichmäßige Fadenführung
5,15 EUR
Prym Stickschere Storch 9 cm vergoldet, Stahl, Gold
Vergoldete Storchenschere für anspruchsvolle Handarbeiten; Feine Spitze und sorgfältiger Klingenschliff
9,80 EUR

Text instructions

The Easter eggs are crocheted in spiral circles, which means there are no slip stitches at the end of a round. If you want, make a lap marker in the beginning of each round.

1: Magic Ring with a chain and 6 Single Crochet

2: Double each stitch (in each stitch two single crochet) (12)

3: 1 Single Crochet in each stitch (12)

4: Double every 2nd stitch (18)

5: 1 Single Crochet in each stitch (18)

6: Double every 3rd stitch (24)

7: 1 Single Crochet in each stitch (24)

8: Double every 4th stitch (30)

9 + 10: 1 Single Crochet in each stitch (30)

11: Double every 5th stitch (36)


12 – 16: 1 Single Crochet in each stitch (36)

17: Every 5th and 6th stitch together in a single stitch (30)

I crochet two stitches “invisibly” together, so that in the end no hole is formed and nobody sees that a stitch is missing. This works as follows:

You just stab the needle in the front loop of the next stitch:

Without pulling the thread through the loop, you now insert the hook in the front loop of the next stitch:

Now you have two loops on the needle, pull the yarn over regularly and through both loops:

In the last step, pull the yarn over the needle again and through the remaining loop:

18: 1 Single Crochet in each stitch (30)

19: Crochet every 4th and 5th stitch together in a single crochet (24)

Now we put the egg from Styrofoam in the shell:

20: Crochet each 3rd and 4th stitch together in a single crochet (18)

21: Crochet each 2nd and 3rd stitch together in a single crochet (12)

Now you can cut the thread, pull it through the loop and thread it on a wool needle. With the help of the needle, you now pierce each front loop of each stitch and pull through the thread in succession:

In the end, you should have a result that fits to the beginning:

You can hide the thread in the egg and cut it off! Finished!


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