Crocheted balls are especially suitable for beginners and offer many different uses. I like to use it for Mobiles or Amigurumis.

Video Tutorial

Text Pattern

A material recommendation can be found, as always, at the bottom.

The balls are crocheted in spiral circles, which means there are no warp stitches at the end of the round. If you want, mark the end of the lap or the beginning of the lap with a marker.
1: Magic Circle, chain 1 and six single crochet

2: Double each stitch (12)

3: Double each 2nd stitch (18)

4: Double each 3rd stitch (24)

5: Double each 4th stitch (30)

The balls can be made arbitrarily large by continuing the rounds of the increases in this style. It works with each round more a single stitch more between doubling.

6: (Number of rounds with raises) x number of stitches, in our case: 5 x 30 = 150 single crochet

Then the way backwards. You crochet the stitch together with the one in front, which we doubled in the last round of the raises.

7: Crochet each 4th and 5th stitch together in a single crochet (24)

8: Crochet each 3rd and 4th stitch together in a single crochet (18)

9: Crochet each 2nd and 3rd stitch together in a single crochet and then stuff with cotton wool (12)

10: Crochet two stitches together to form a single crochet (6)

Cut the thread and sew the hole above the ball. Finished!

Material Recommendation

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