Instructions for crocheting two cherries with twigs.

Of course, in addition to carrot, lemon and pumpkin, the cherries may not be missing in the fruit basket.

Material Recommendation

Prym Häkelnadel Color, Größe:4.0 mit Softgriff
Prym - Haushaltswaren
7,77 EUR
Wüsthof 5338/21 Stoffschere 21 cm
Wüsthof - Haushaltswaren
19,90 EUR 17,31 EUR
Prym Polyester Filling, Weiß
Prym - Haushaltswaren
7,77 EUR

Video Tutorial

Text Pattern

Cherries (2x)

1: Start with red: Magic Circle, chain 1, 6 single crochet, slip stitch
2: Chain 1, double every 2nd stitch, slip stitch (9)
3: Chain 1 double every 3rd stitch, slip stitch (12)
4: Chain 1, every 3rd / 4th stitch together, slip stitch (9)

Fill the cherry with filling cotton.

5: Chain 1, every 2nd / 3rd stitch together, slip stitch (6)

Pull thread out, secure and cut off thread.

Twigs / stalk

Make a first loop with green. For the initial loop, leave some thread for sewing. Then chain 40.

Knot both ends tightly and sew on one cherry at a time. Finally, form a knot in the middle of the chain.

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