Instructions for crocheting two cherries with twigs.

Of course, in addition to carrot, lemon and pumpkin, the cherries may not be missing in the fruit basket.

Material Recommendation

Wüsthof 5338/21 Stoffschere 21 cm
W³sthof; Stoffschere WUE
27,55 EUR
Prym 968210 Füllwatte, Polyester, Polyesterfüllung, weiß
Weiße Füllwatte für Kissen, Decken, Puppen, Kuscheltiere uvm.; 100 % Polyester; Hygienisch und geruchsneutral
8,53 EUR

Video Tutorial

Text Pattern

Cherries (2x)

1: Start with red: Magic Circle, chain 1, 6 single crochet, slip stitch
2: Chain 1, double every 2nd stitch, slip stitch (9)
3: Chain 1 double every 3rd stitch, slip stitch (12)
4: Chain 1, every 3rd / 4th stitch together, slip stitch (9)

Fill the cherry with filling cotton.

5: Chain 1, every 2nd / 3rd stitch together, slip stitch (6)

Pull thread out, secure and cut off thread.

Twigs / stalk

Make a first loop with green. For the initial loop, leave some thread for sewing. Then chain 40.

Knot both ends tightly and sew on one cherry at a time. Finally, form a knot in the middle of the chain.

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