I am glad that you found the way to my page BerlinCrochet. If I have more time, I’ll put all the instructions that you find on my Youtube channel, in written pattern to this site.

I’m happy about criticism and praise, but also about challenges! What else do you want as instructions? Write it to me and I’ll try what I can.

Now have fun on my side.


Easter eggs

Spring is coming, Easter is coming, too, what should not be missed of course? Exactly: Easter eggs. A while ago I saw a huge tree full of crocheted easter eggs in a front yard. Unfortunately I did not have a phone or my camera with me at the time to capture this on a...

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Headband and Neckwarmer

Crochet headband and neckwarmer This headband and the associated neckwarmer have been created before felt eternity. As a kid, I never wanted to wear hats, but rather earmuffs and headbands. With this in mind, I crocheted straight for my daughter. When I was done and...

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Simple leaf

Simple leaf for a flower While I was working on the video tutorial for the Mobile - Flowers and Bees , I noticed I was missing to give you the Instructions for the leaf. The manual is really beginner-friendly and therefore follows here - with some delay - the...

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Flowers in Bullion Stitch

Tutorial for flowers in bullion stitch I was just on vacation in the beautiful Zillertal. For those who do not know where it is ... That's in Austria. This, in turn, is the land where the flowers always look as if painted. I sat there every night on the terrace and...

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Flowers in 3D

Flowers in 3D After showing you my Mobile Flowers and Bees for the past few days and the instructions for the bees , even online, you want to finally publish the instructions for the flowers in 3D today. The flowers can be crocheted with or without a stem. The idea...

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Baby Mobile – flowers and bees

Baby Mobile It's done and I'm really proud of this beautiful Baby Mobile - flowers and bees! It has become exactly as I have imagined and that means something. Finally a mobile, which makes sense from the baby's perspective from below. This was definitely not the last...

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Humm summ, the bees are buzzing around... After the many beautiful mobiles, which I have crocheted in the last weeks, came the wish of a friend for a new mobile. A colleague should get her second child and she now wanted to give one away as well. The desire was for...

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Clouds While I'm just in Mobile fever, I thought to myself, I'll try something new again. I wanted clouds that can be attached to the mobile and where you can find the middle up. Last time the mobile was a bit crooked or was it the clouds? This cloud consists of two...

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Baby Mobile – Balls and beads

Baby Mobile These Baby Mobile have really done it to me right now. The individual components are crocheted quickly in the evening. Over the course of a week, different works are created that look different every time. Of course, I wanted to show you that, because I...

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Crochet balls

Balls Crocheted balls are especially suitable for beginners and offer many different uses. I like to use it for Mobiles or Amigurumis. Video Tutorial Material Recommendation [amazon...

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